Choose From a Range of Delivery Options in St. Louis

Find out more about delivery options for landscaping supplies from Fick Supply. We can deliver across St. Louis, MO, so contact us to find out more or browse our FAQs below for answers to some common queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell your products or services to the public?

Yes! Fick Supply works with homeowners, property managers, landscapers, general contractors, or anyone else in need of our services or products.

What is the minimum for delivery, and is there a delivery charge applied?

Our delivery prices are based on a tier system depending on the quantity of material ordered. The minimum quantity for delivery is one yard on all of our products. The maximum for mulch is 20 yards and rock is typically 14 yards. Additional delivery charges may apply and are based on zip code.

Will dyed material harm my plants?

No. Dyed materials are dyed with a non toxic dye; it is not harmful to plants, animals or humans.

Are those termites?

This is a difficult question to answer without taking a look at your home or yard, but the short answer is: probably not. Contrary to popular belief, landscape mulch does not attract or cause termites. Most likely, the insect you’re seeing is a winged ant.

What services does your company provide?

We offer a variety of bulk materials that will suit all of your landscaping needs! You have the option to pick material up from our store or have us deliver the materials to your home. We also offer yard waste and brush disposal, clean fill disposal, land clearing, and grinding.

What is your minimum quantity for pick up?

Our minimum quantity for pick up is a quarter of a yard.

Can the material being delivered be dumped in several places/spots?

We leave all dumping up to the drivers. As long as the driver does not leave your property and limits the number of dumps to two, there is no additional fee. Additional fees will be applied per dump in excess of two dumps. We also want our customers to know that our drivers will do their best with multiple dumps, but it is very difficult to dump exact amounts.

How much mulch will fit into my pick-up truck?

Trucks with six-and-a-half foot beds can haul anywhere from 1-2 yards. A standard eight foot bed can haul 2 yards comfortably and 3 yards rounded. We always recommend that our customers bring a tarp when picking up material, especially if they have to travel the highways.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Cash, and Check.

Can I install dyed mulch with rain/precipitation in the immediate forecast?

We recommend avoiding scheduling your delivery and/or application on a day when heavy rain is forecasted. If you do take delivery and rain is in the forecast make sure to cover the pile with a tarp. You should try to find a window of no less than 48 hours of rain-free weather as drying time is needed.

What are the benefits of mulching?

Applying 2-4” layer of mulch will reduce the germination and growth of weeds. It also helps maintain soil moisture. Mulch keeps soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It will aslo give planting beds a uniform, well cared for look.